BayBucks Ordering Questions

Did you already purchase our BayBucks through PayPal and have a question? Below are the most commonly asked questions.

  • I lost the download page link, where is it? - If you order the BayBucks and were not immediately sent to the download page, or if you had a typo when entering in the information and lost the page name, try going back to contact us here.
  • I can't find my Invoice ID, where is it? - Check out this sample image of what your PayPal receipt should look like in your email. Note where the Invoice ID is on the sample, and you can find it on your emailed receipt.
  • I never got a receipt in my email, where is it? - The email comes from PayPal and may be caught by your spam filters because it is a generic message. Wait a few minutes and check your spam folder first and then your inbox. If it still has not arrived, then check your PayPal account if you have one and you can find the Invoice ID on your transaction receipt there. You must contact PayPal for more information.
  • I want my BayBucks sent to me by postal mail, can you do it? - No. We have moved to an electronic downloadable format so that you can print the BayBucks from the convenience of your home or office and to save you the additional costs from the printing company and the additional costs of shipping and handling. We state this clearly on the ordering page... "Be sure you have your printer ready, and access to your email. Remember, BayBucks is now a download that you can print from home, it is not mailed to you."
  • I want to print BayBucks from my phone/tablet/pager/other-non-computer-device, can you do it? - Possibly, but we do not support it. We have tested the BayBucks on all major computer operating systems and printers. We recommend you be at the computer and printer that you will be downloading and printing from when you are ready. We state this clearly on the ordering page... "Be sure you have your printer ready, and access to your email. Remember, BayBucks is now a download that you can print from home." In rare instances, we may be able to help troubleshoot a simple problem, but due to the number of devices available we can not test on everything, and we can not guarantee this. BayBucks is NOT SUPPORTED ON CELL PHONES!!!
  • I downloaded BayBucks, but how do I open the file to print it? - The BayBucks coupon book is in Adobe PDF format. It is viewable using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software which most every computer has pre-installed on it. If by chance your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is a free download from the Adobe website. Just click the following image. Get Acrobat Reader web logo
  • I ordered BayBucks, but I am having some sort of problem on my individual computer, can I get a refund? - No. All sales are final. We have designed and tested the BayBucks and the ordering process on multiple operating systems and web browsers. Unfortunately, we cannot troubleshoot individual computer systems since everyone is on a different network, different hardware, different software and antivirus installed, different printers, different web browsers, etc. Due to the nature of the purchase (ie. a download to your computer), all sales are final. We will assist you as much as possible to get your BayBucks printed out, but you may need to download and print them from a different computer that works if your particular computer is causing issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Question still not answered? Give us a shout over on our Contact Page and we will be happy to help you!