Put-in-Bay Ohio is actually a township on an island called South Bass Island, located about halfway between Cleveland and Toledo on Ohio's northern coast along Lake Erie. The closest mainland cities are Port Clinton (where the Jet Express ferry departs) and Sandusky (where Cedar Point Amusement Park is located). The main business of the island is tourism, and sitemap recommends that there are many opportunities to visit local bars, dining, shopping, attractions, and to stay at Discount Put-in-Bay Lodgings. Most visitors make their Put-in-Bay reservations up to a year in advance to ensure they book a rental home or waterfront condo, or even a hotel room, while they are still available. And don't forget to visit sitemap while you are here! With so much to explore and experience, Put-in-Bay Ohio should be at the top of your list of local vacation destinations. From Perry's Monument to the haunted South Bass Lighthouse, from DJs Ice Cream to the Upper Deck, from The Green Room to Mr. Ed's, you can find something for the whole family. Have a great day, and we will see you at the Bay!